FAQ for Host Organizations

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for Host Organizations. If your question is not addressed below, please email justiceamericorps@equaljusticeworks.org.

AmeriCorps Requirements

What are the service requirements of justice AmeriCorps members?
All members must complete 1,700 hours of service within a 12-month period. Though members must begin work no later than December 1, they may begin earlier. In this case, the 12-month period will begin on their first day of work.

Information about Recruiting

Each host site is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and selecting candidates for its positions. However, we will help you with every step of the process. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions at this point:

How will Equal Justice Works promote these positions?
We want to help you connect with excellent candidates, and we will use our network of nearly 200 member law schools and more than 5,000 social media followers to spread the word about these opportunities. We have already generated a significant amount of interest from potential candidates and law school career counselors after our September 16 article in the National Law Journal, and we are confident that this interest will increase as we continue to publicize justice AmeriCorps to our extensive network.

Where can my host site direct potential applicants to learn more?
We have developed a new website dedicated solely to justice AmeriCorps: joinjusticeamericorps.org. In addition to general information about the program, this website features a list of all host sites, position descriptions, and information about the current crisis of unaccompanied immigrant children in our immigration courts. We encourage you to direct inquiring parties there in order to learn more information.

How will position descriptions be circulated?
Two position descriptions — one for lawyers and one for paralegals — are published on the join justice AmeriCorps website. These descriptions list the basic duties that all justice AmeriCorps members will be assigned, along with the minimum qualifications for every member (including Spanish language fluency). We encourage you to push out these position announcements to your usual recruitment networks such as listservs, job posting sites, and your organization’s website.

Can a host site modify the position descriptions to suit its needs?
Yes, you can add additional qualifications and require additional application materials but you cannot add additional duties. You are welcome to require additional qualifications of candidates (such as bar membership in your state), and to request additional application materials (such as a writing sample). We ask that you let your candidates know about these specific requirements when they apply, and to remember that your applicant pool will narrow with each additional requirement that you maintain. We encourage you to consider candidates whom you already know, such as past interns, in addition to current staff in temporary positions such as volunteer programs, fellowships, etc.

While additional qualifications are welcome, additional duties should not be added without first getting approval from Equal Justice Works. Though we strongly encourage you not to provide additional responsibilities, we recognize that some host sites must do so. In this case, we must receive these in writing and approve them before they are circulated to potential applicants. Please note that additional duties cannot include any activities that are prohibited for AmeriCorps members, such as lobbying or engaging in partisan politics.

Information about Interviewing

Given the relatively short amount of time until December 1, when our members must begin work, it is imperative to begin recruiting and interviewing as soon as possible.

Must all interviews be conducted in person?
No. Interviews can also be conducted via telephone or video chat (e.g., Skype).

Who is responsible for costs incurred during the interview process?
All interviews must be conducted at the host site’s or the candidate’s expense.