What we do

This initiative has three goals

Provide legal assistance

Our most immediate goal is to provide compassionate and experienced legal representation to thousands of vulnerable children. For those children who do have a legitimate claim to stay in the United States, this leads to immediate and demonstrable positive benefits such as being reunited with family members here, daily stability, and the physical and emotional safety that were not present in the conditions they left behind.

Build pro bono capacity

But our goals don’t stop there. In addition to providing desperately needed representation, justice AmeriCorps members will build pro bono capacity in this growing arena of public service law so that the field is able to keep up with such dramatic increases in demand. The justice AmeriCorps program will seed the field with competent and knowledgeable lawyers who can train others and work together to develop best practices for working with the specific needs of unaccompanied minor immigrants.

Work to increase long-term effectiveness and efficiency

As well, justice AmeriCorps members will maintain detailed records and collect needed data in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our nation’s immigration courts in the long term. Because of the rapid growth in this area of need, the field remains ill-equipped to determine what changes to our courts must be made to ensure that justice is served for all immigrant children. Our members will collect extensive data that will paint a picture of what is working and what isn’t, so that we can accurately diagnose and correct issues in the immigration court system.